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Bamboo Corporate Wellness
Go Local Card Offer
Receive One FREE Course or a 60 minute nutrition counseling Get your Go Local card

Independently-owned and woman-founded business wellness business for organizations of all types to provide nutrition education and counseling to employees, clients, or both! We also help organize nutrition policy projects to enhance the wellness, culture, and education of your overall organization with our founder Ashley A. Cox coming from a background of community nutrition and healthcare management, we have a strong ability to establish and secure nutritional wellness within your organization. Whether you’re a school, gym, corporate office, vendor, educator, or entrepreneur, our service begins with a community assessment to define the exact needs of your organization, define the population, and then build the program, class, policy, or all thee above! From there, our educators and nutritionists meet with your staff or clients to provide individualized, evidence based education and care while working with leadership to establish progressive nutrition policy that fit your vision. Finally, we monitor and evaluate through the end of your contract with opportunities to renew every year. Other Asheville-based small businesses receive a free community assessment!

Offers are subject to change and may not be used in conjunction with other discounts, insurance plans or to purchase gift certificates, other restrictions may apply. Offers at bars, restaurants, and caf├ęs, by law, do not include alcohol.
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