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Meticulous Services
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Meticulous Services is a Project Planning, Management, and Implementation service oriented organization.  Our specialization is in listening to our clients and helping them consolidate the details of their home or small business projects to bring them to completion.  Our services range from Furniture Assembly, Interior Painting, TV Wall Mounting, Camera installation, Moving Help, Home Detailing, Organization, to minor wall repairs.  Our goal is to give our clients a single service provider that can help plan and implement their interior project needs.  We perform all services with an emphasis on details and thoroughness over speed, with an efficient methodical approach.

Our Services can be requested as single services or combined to complete projects of a more complex nature.  Our clients can book us for an interior painting job, a TV Wall-mounting, or assembling a few furniture items of course.  As a project management provider, our value comes through when they need many different things done together, but planned and implemented correctly.  Property Managers or AirBnB owners can utilize our services to paint, clean, assemble furniture, and setup artwork and window dressings.  Real Estate agents and property sellers can utilize our services to help them prepare their property for showing to interested buyers and homeowners can utilize our services to help them take care of an assortment of handyman projects that they have been needing to get done.  We can help clients that are dealing with disorganized properties.

It is all in the details of the plan and project that needs to get done and we raise the bar, one detail at a time.

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