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Mother Nature’s Sun
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10% off Space Harmonic Clearing for home or business (2-3 hour minimum depending on size of space) Get your Go Local card

Mother Nature’s Sun was created with the intention of instilling the vibration and frequency of Mother Gaia into our sacred spaces.  Our homes, our workspaces, but more importantly, ourselves.

Wendy is a Space Harmonics practitioner, certified Crystal and Sound Therapist and Master Aromatherapist.  She offers space clearing consultations in the WNC area as well as long distance clearings. Wendy’s knowledge and experience with Sound Therapy, Crystals, Vastu Shastra, Transcendental and Geopathic Stress Dowsing, Akashic Record, Oneness Blessing and processes, Numerology, Building Biology and Quantum energywork make her space clearings one of a kind.

Wendy also offers Sound and Oneness group experiences and private sessions at various locations in North Carolina. She often incorporates the awakening energy of The Beatles in her gatherings. 

She is also the Wellness Director at The Stable Spa & Sanctuary in Hendersonville, NC.

Imagine. Let It Be. Shine On.

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