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Vegetable Kingdom
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VEGETABLE KINGDOM, a woman-owned business, creates and produces small batch, ready to eat meals under the “Halfway 2 Homemade” label. Our “Halfway 2 Homemade Original line includes New Orleans Gumbo, Creole Etouffee, Brunswick Stew, and Massaman Curry. All our soups are scratch made and meatless out of the jar. With the protein of choice added in the home kitchen, they are made at home and taste homemade!

We save customers the lengthy time and effort of preparation and cooking so that they can have a satisfying, flavorful, authentic meal ready to eat in 15 min or less. All ages love our soups from kids to grandparents because they taste good and are so easy to prepare: Step 1- Heat Step 2 – Add protein Step 3 – Enjoy!

Our Halfway 2 Homemade Vegan line includes Ginger Beet Gazpacho, Mushroom Medley Soup, Sweet Potato Bisque, and Herb Roasted Garlic Potato Chowder. They are healthily low sodium, nutrient dense, and fiber rich.

We do everything from start to finish in our Asheville commercial kitchen. Once jars are checked, labeled, and shelf dated, they are packed into cases of six or twelve and distributed to grocery stores, both chain and independent. All our products are available on our website. We will also deliver within Asheville.

All our soups are infinitely variable because customers decide how they want to finish and serve them. For less than the cost of all ingredients, you can serve homemade quality meals in minutes.

Our products are low-fat and low-sugar. Two are gluten-free, two are low-carb. They are made with fresh, local ingredients and easy to prepare. Produced without added meat, they are delicious when meat, chicken, seafood, or plant protein is added to them.

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