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Weaving Rainbows
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Weaving Rainbows exists as a pathway for cultural thirval and survival for first nation, native artisan communities. Often the traditional artisans are also the cultural keepers of seeds, stories, lands and lifeways, when we support the artisans we uplift cognitive and biological diversity. First Nation peoples are the reason we still have biodiversity hotspots on the planet and their ways of living and understanding are crucial to how we will protect and grow biodiversity and the health of humanities thinking and living.


We offer a beyond fair trade model bringing weavings and artisan works from first nation communities to share with the wider world. We are rooted in relationships with native artisan communities and work with the artisans to host pilgrimages for people to widen their cultural and artistic appreciation.

Why Weaving Rainbows:

Weaving Rainbows is a unique business in that we pay double of other fair-trade businesses and partner with artisan communities on both sharing their art and uplifting their life-ways which are under extreme pressure and threat from extractive industries and ways of thinking. The impact of shopping with Weaving Rainbows is that you support people having the financial abundance required to care for their families and communities and protect their homelands and culture from extractive industries. Weaving Rainbows opens the opportunity to live with art that is handmade by the most advanced and skillful artists on the planet and to get to know them personally through our pilgrimages to their communities and learn the art forms yourself like weaving, natural dye, pottery, carving and painting. Having access to this art in your life and home is life-changing and the cultural and biological health you are supporting is clear.After 15 years of cultural regeneration through our Rites of Passage programs and teacher trainings at Earth Path Education we are excited to deepen in our devotion to traditional artisans and life-ways through the cultural sharing of Weaving Rainbows.

Weaving Rainbows is also a community Healing Sanctuary. We host and curate a variety of events, workshops, classes, healings, and beyond.

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