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Aardonyx Software
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$500 off any first website/software project. Get your Go Local card

Aardonyx lets your business’ website do more.


Get your website to offer features, interactive tools, or brand-specific design that saves you time and money, or attracts customers. Watch your website outpace, outthink, and outperform the competition.


We don’t just design websites. 


Distinguished Portfolio: We’ve been the trusted partner for an array of esteemed clients since 2016. From designing an Equity Indicators Dashboard for the University of North Carolina to reinventing the online presence of Rosemary Mosco, a renowned comic artist, we’ve helped businesses build highly specific and original online projects.


Unmatched Customization: If other website developers have told you it can’t be done, come to us. Our work isn’t just designing websites; it’s about crafting online solutions that drive your business forward. We delve deep into the actual code to program custom functionality. Our toolkit includes industry-standard technologies, ensuring your project’s reliability and scalability. Whether or not you’re familiar with terms like React, Node.js, APIs and databases, just know that we pick the best tools for your job.


Business Challenges, Solved: The website tools we build let your business save time, money, or add new value for your customers. For Children Now, we automated a system that saves their employees of manual work. For Sevenson Environmental, we crafted a nationwide reporting tool that organizes, automates, and manages reports for hundreds of job sites every day. Whether it’s speeding up page loads for image-heavy photographer websites, enhancing the booking process so your customers get to payment faster, or integrating with third party software to save businesses hundreds of thousands in subscription fees, we’ve tackled a wide variety of challenges, always with tangible results.


End-to-End Partnership: We’re known for our collaborative approach. Our relationships often start with in-depth consultations, followed by regular check-ins, feedback loops, and post-launch support. Our commitment doesn’t end with a project’s completion; many of our clients consider us long-term technology partners, valuing our dedication, adaptability, and personal investment.


Ethical Tech is Not an Oxymoron: Our mission is to redefine tech interactions.  We’re a local, husband-and-wife-owned small business, and we believe in approachable technology, coupled with real, kind, honest conversations, offering an antidote to clients seeking refuge from less trustworthy tech experiences. Our many satisfied clients, including Asheville businesses, bear testament to our dedication and the trust we instill.


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