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Art Hero, LLC
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ART HER0 is a place to empower creative entrepreneurs.

Art Hero, LLC is not a company (although by government standards it is registered). To us, Art Hero is a movement for creatives by creatives. The business model behind the courses, coaching, and consulting services of Art Hero (and DBA JPH Creative) was Founded by Johanna Patrice Hagarty with hundreds (if not thousands) of influences (and people) shaping those decisions. These decisions have come from other Art Heros’, just like you- who vulnerably shared advice, their expertise, their fears or their needs when it comes to finding success as a creative entrepreneur.

Through 12+ years of personal experience, success, and failures; Johanna Patrice Hagarty has tested many models, methods, and coaching styles with her clients. Through all of that, the ABCs of Business, a foundational way of learning business planning and execution, uniquely designed for the creative mind, were created.

The “ABC’s of Business” Digital Course, a self-guided online business foundations course (with coaching options available) is the first of many programs, products, and services Art Hero, LLC has plans to create.

With thousands and millions of more creatives to work with, listen to and learn from, Art Hero, LLC is looking to continue proving that a caring, compassionate community begins and ends with how we individually and collectively ensure our needs are met.

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