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Benita Silver at FearlessHealers
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Benita Silver, IFS Spiritual Mentor for Healers

As a helper, you’ve done good work and have had a tremendous impact on those you serve, yet you know there’s more to you and more you’re being called to do.

To really have an impact, it begins with you. You can only guide others once you’re familiar with the terrain. You can only teach others that which you know.

Yes. You’ve worked through much of your human “stuff”: the pain of life circumstances, the shadow aspects of yourself, the ego’s desire to dominate, and the need to present a persona. Now you yearn just to BE, take your power, speak your Truth, and do whatever you can to help heal the planet and the people.

Though you feel an inner calling, you’re not exactly sure how or where to proceed.

I can help you enter the mystery of the unknown – the alchemical urn of creativity – in which you can trust that your Soul’s purpose will coalesce. To tap into intuitive guidance, embody the greatness that you are, and serve as an inspiration and guide for others.

For over 40 years I’ve helped people r-evolutionize their lives and I can help you BE your SELF and propel yourself into your future. As a spiritual mentor, intuitive energy worker, and IFS therapist my passion is to help you embody your True Essence and bring yourself fearlessly into the world.

Let me help you live your vision, love your life and leave a legacy. Contact me for a complimentary consultation call. You are needed now more than ever.


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