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Kiwi Glow LLC
Go Local Card Offer
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Kiwi Glow is a line of organic tattoo care & moisturizing oils.

When we think about taking care of our bodies, we tend to think about what we put INTO our bodies, not so much about what we put ONTO our bodies.   This is just as important, if not more of an importance.  Organic, raw and cold pressed sesame oil – known for its healing properties and skin benefits – is the foundation of this luxurious lightweight moisturizer.

We only use the purest most natural vegan ingredients in the creation of our products.    Locally owned and blended in small batches right here in Asheville.   All our organic tattoo care and moisturizing oils hydrate so well without leaving any residue.  Just luminous, hydrated skin.All our products are free of preservatives and have a naturally occurring SPF of 15.A little goes a long way, so kiwi glow lasts twice as long as any other lotions.

When you shop with kiwi glow, not only are you making a healthier choice with your  skincare. You are also helping to support a woman-owned locally operated business.

What goes ON your body goes IN your body.

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