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Pet Poo Skiddoo | Pet waste removal & composting
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We Scoop Up The Poo & COMPOST It Too!

We collect & compost dog waste, cat waste, compostable cat litter and compostable dog waste bags!

You’ve tried your best to scoop up after your pets, but let’s face it, it’s a never ending task that is hard to keep up with. The average dog can produce around 275 lbs of waste every year – that’s a lot of poop to scoop… and a lot that goes into your trash can.  

But look no further, Pet Poo Skiddoo can take care of the ‘poop minefield’ in your yard and give you back the space your family can enjoy.   We offer year round, no-contract yard scooping services to remove dog waste from your yard, deodorize problem areas, and best of all – we compost your dog’s waste so it doesn’t have to go into a landfill!

Prefer to scoop your own yard? Pet Poo Skiddoo also offers a bin pickup service so whatever you scoop can still be collected and composted.  Not only dog waste, but cat waste and compostable litter can be placed in our bins, helping your pets go green and reduce their carbon pawprints.

We serve Asheville and surrounding areas.  Once per week, twice per week, and every other week scheduling available.

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