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Go Local Card Offer
$25 off initial osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) session Get your Go Local card

Dr. Lok at RiverRock Clinic is a osteopathic primary care doctor who actually listens. She is accepting patients at this time.

Membership ($100/month) with RiverRock Clinic means you get:

  • Direct access to Dr. Lok (text/call/email)
  • Convenience of same/next day appointments
  • Convenience of in-clinic or video appointments
  • More time with your doctor: 30-90 minute appointments
  • Discounted prescriptions and procedures such as pap smears, skin cancer biopsy, cryotherapy, stitches & wart removals
  • Staying healthy/addressing all your health concerns

Go Local card members get $25 off an osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) session which is separate, add-on service to the membership. You do not have to be a members to schedule and OMT session. OMT is a hands-on technique that osteopathic physicians use to treat bodily issues such as back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain. OMT also treats the body as a whole thus can be helpful in conditions such as heartburn, migraines, and anxiety. In many cases, OMT can be used to complement, or even avoid drugs or surgery. A patient can expect to recline on a massage-like patient table and experience having their back popped similar to a chiropractor and moving arms/legs similar to a physical therapist with relaxing music in the background. OMT is a 90 minute initial session with 60 minute follow-ups.

$150 125 which is $25 off an osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) initial visit (90 minutes)

Email [email protected] that you are a Go Local member and wish to schedule an OMT session.

Offers are subject to change and may not be used in conjunction with other discounts, insurance plans or to purchase gift certificates, other restrictions may apply. Offers at bars, restaurants, and caf├ęs, by law, do not include alcohol.
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