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SAVOR Shrub Bitters
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SAVOR Shrub Bitters are non-alcoholic aperitif cocktail mixers. When paired with simple ingredients that many keep in their cupboards, SAVOR Shrub Bitters become bar-quality cocktails in under 5 minutes. SAVOR is both the mocktail and the bitters! SAVOR Shrub Bitters are concentrated, pro-biotic rich, and full of #liverlovinbitters.

Each flavor is a new twist on an old favorite, with flavors to make a daiquiri, mimosa, margarita, whiskey sour, Old Fashioned, and more! (See our Instagram and Facebook for cocktail and mocktail recipes.) Each of our Shrub Bitters features a unique set of pleasing top notes, such as anise, in addition to the deep earthy bitter flavors and sweet ripe whole fruits, setting SAVOR’s Shrub Bitters apart from other non-alcoholic aperitifs, shrubs, or bitters.
SAVOR Shrub Bitters is queer owned and AVL local, with a commitment to sustainability.

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