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Shiny Hand Soap Co.
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Shiny Hand Soap Co. is an all-natural, specialty soap company. We make bar soaps by hand with pure essential oils, biodegradable vegan ingredients, and sustainable practices. Our tried-and-true formula has been carefully compiled; it’s not a premade, melt-and-pour base mix. Because we mindfully choose every single ingredient (and can pronounce them all too!), our soaps are balanced- having the strength to scrub off the stinkiest sweat and grime, while producing a rich lather that leaves skin feeling moisturized the natural way. Great for folks with sensitivities to the synthetics and harsh chemicals that have inundated most of the mass market products. Added bonus, you get the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy every time you use them! The use of cold process production methods ensure that your bar of Shiny Hand is the freshest around, every time! It’s better than clean- it’s *SHINY*

Established in January 2023, Shiny Hand is a proudly Appalachian, woman-owned business.

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