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Wishbone Tiny Homes, LLC
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The mission of Wishbone Tiny Homes, LLC is to mitigate forced migration through the building and development of tiny homes on foundation on infill lots and in small footprint developments. Wishbone Tiny Homes has three initiatives:

1. 100 Thousand Homes by 2030 focuses on partnering with municipalities, funders, non profits and home buyers to build 100,000 new homes for African Americans to purchase by the year 2030.

2. Buildher by Wishbone focuses on amplifying the voice, design and safety of women in the fields of design and construction. A house becomes alive when those who identify as/with/for women are at the forefront of design and construction.

3. Legacy Homesteads and Communities aims to partner with existing property owners and municipalities to build tiny communities for future home owners that will include food placement.

“When I think about forced migration, I think about access to food. What good is it to build a home if the people who live there are not nourished?” Kimmy Hunter, CEO Wishbone Tiny Homes, LLC

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