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Local is the New Black

We are asking our community to take back their lives on Black Friday.

Instead of waking up at 4am, waiting in long lines, bumper to bumper traffic, the frenetic madness of sales and crowds, we invite you to slow down and enjoy the day after Thanksgiving.

Asheville has hundreds of independent restaurants, a dozen shopping districts where local entrepreneurs abound catering to unique tastes. A myriad of artists will open their studios to the public and galleries all around town showcase them. On every block, one can find live music, theatrical performances, film and every sort of inspiring entertainment. Many of us who live here forget that there is so much to experience. Asheville is truly a gift in itself, a hotbed of culture unlike any you’ll find in the US.

Take your family, meet up with friends and laugh, live and remember to love on the day after Thanksgiving.