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We asked you, our businesses and cardholders, how you feel about participating in the Go Local movement and the results are in:


Every year we get closer to our goal of putting a card in the pocket of every local who cares about Asheville
and having every locally-grown business participate.



After 10 years of growing the movement and in our 8th year of the Go Local Card…



And if we keep supporting what we love about Asheville,
our community, our youth and our culture can continue to thrive.



We give you the tools that make going local easy and exciting.



And when you care about the place you live,
you want to put your money where your heart is
and participate in making it better.



For every dollar spent at a local business 3X more money stays
in our local economy and keeps Asheville unique.



And access to education and good schools for all is the key for the future of our community.



We live in a very special place, it takes all of us to keep it so.