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The Heart of the Movement

“At its heart, our movement for local living economies is about love.”

Judy Wicks co-founder of BALLE

In Asheville you feel, smell, taste, hear and know you are here. There is no place in the world like Asheville and, increasingly, unique, interesting places in the US are becoming harder to find. Beyond the mountains and the climate, it is the locally owned businesses that make us so special. From the farmers to the artists and musicians, the carpenters to the chefs, Asheville is bursting with entrepreneurial energy. These businesses shape the culture of our town and, like an ecosystem, their role is interdependent and they depend on our support. Our thriving local economy cannot be taken for granted, we have to work, now more than ever, to keep it healthy and growing.

Our local businesses have power and we have a voice. Our love for local connects us, the more interconnected we are, the stronger our community becomes. This is our time to stand between the meanness and madness that is ensuing and those we love, the art, culture, passion that can never be taken away.

What can your business do?

There is so much each of us can do starting here, right now.

  • We stand strong with our Mayor in embracing inclusivity and encourage our local businesses to do the same.

“I call on every individual to demonstrate that intolerance and hatred will not be accepted. As Mayor of Asheville, I am dedicated to maintaining Asheville as an equitable and inclusive city where we can acknowledge our differences, and allow everyone to feel safe and respected.”

Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer

Most importantly, carve out the time to take care of yourself and be with those that give you strength and inspiration.

Franzi Charen
Asheville Grown Business Alliance